Upcoming Shows

8.29.2014- CONVOY @Smith's Olde Bar, w/The Last Waltz- 7PM
8.31.2014- CONVOY @Buckhead Saloon, 6PM
9.13.2014- CONVOY @Hero Fest, Perry, GA.

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Stay tuned. New updates are on the way!




Well, where do I start. First I want to say that I have parted ways with Mad Margritt. I enjoyed the time I spent with them but it came time for me to move and persue my other interests and projects.

I have joined up with a friend of mine and his band Pistol Town. They are a pop-punk, rock band that I have known for a few years. We have tried seeral times to get together and it just never worked out till now. Check them out here and on their Facbook page. I have some shows coming up with them soon and many more in the works. Another project I am working with is a band called Convoy. We are doing old outlaw country and southern rock. Check out my first show with them here... We are currently booking so keep checking my contact/dates page for upcoming events....

I am also still working with female country artist Mary Kate Farmer. We are currently writing and demoing new material for an upcoming EP. I can't get into everything else we have in the works so keep checking in for updates and shows. Also, go check out her Twitter page and follow her. This is one of the best places to stay in the "know" with what is happening.

Please go and check out my Twitter page as well...I try to keep updates there as much as I can.

Lastly...Room 9 Music is moving. I am moving the studio to my home. I should be fully moved in a little over a month and back up and running in about twon months.

Until next time...




Ah yes! The Candlebox show in Sarasota was fantastic! Those guys are a great band...and Scott Mercado not only is a great drummer but great guy as well...I got to hang out with him for a bit before the show; it was great to talk drum gear with him and just chat...click here. I believe we may have some more shows in the works with them in the future..SWEET! It's sometimes hard to forget that not only am I a player...but I'm also a fan of some of the bands we play with, so I might have the occasional nerd out when I meet a drummer or band that influenced me in my beginings...oh well, it happens.

In other news...I have built room 9 music into a drum tracking studio. It is now up and running. I still have some things that I'm tweaking and learning and learning...but, for the most part I'm ready to go. I have already done a few tracks for some folks so I know I have learned enough to feel confident in advertising. Check out my Soundcloud to hear what I have done. Please check my contact page for more information on getting drum tracks.

I do have a couple of other little nuggets that I'm working on...one being a new business venture with my old friend and former guitar guitar player Marcus Pittman . We should be getting it out there in a few weeks. And as always there is more news...I just have to keep it to myself for now!

Until next time...see you at a show!


Lastely...I will be doing a few more videos, just not sure of what yet. I will have a short tutorial going up soon of a problem I had with Pro Tools...For now go to the media page and lessons page to check out the most current...




I am happy to say that all the new "fix ups" to the studio(Room 9 Music)are now complete. Check them out here... I look forward to meeting and teaching all my new students and helping with the future drummers. I hope to have the web site up in the next few months.

Head over to my gear page to see a video walk through of the new kit.(audio tour coming soon). And, go check out the song I am doing with Corey Stuart on the Media page...